Last News

  • New Remix

    This is our new tour dates!

    21st May 2014
  • New track

    New track included on my Soundcloud

    21st May 2014
  • New Photo

    New photo of the last show

    21st May 2014
  • New Video

    Amazing new video available on Vimeo

    8th May 2014
  • New Album 2014

    only five centuries, but with desktop

    8th May 2014
  • New Remix

    New remix available on Soundcloud

    8th May 2014
  • New Ep

    New Ep available now!

    8th May 2014

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Regular License - non-exclusive
Distribute 2,500 copies
12 month licence duration
Tagged Mp3 master
No live performance
Royalty free
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Premium License - non-exclusive
Distribute 5,000 copies
18 month license duration
Untagged Wav master
Live performance
Royalty free
Buy 1 Get 2 Free
Professional License - non-exclusive
Unlimited distribution
Unlimited license duration
Untagged tracked out stems
Live performance
Royalty free
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Luvlybeatz is an international female producer born and raised within the U.K. I’ve been producing an developing artists for both Major and independent labels all over the world.

With over 10years experience, Luvlybeatz has the knowledge, experience and contacts to help you produce effective hits.




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